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Hiking in the Lot

If you're a keen hiker, the Lot is your playground! Come and spend your holiday in the area and have the chance to explore its 1,500 km of waymarked footpaths. Alone, in pairs, with family or friends, it's great to marvel at the sumptuous landscapes of this magnificent département! A variety of walking routes await you, with some remarkable sites to discover along the way
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The most beautiful walking routes in the Lot

The Lot has it all: diverse landscapes, generous gastronomy, a rich heritage... And it's a great playground for walkers. In fact, it's home to hundreds of trails of all levels of difficulty. Don't miss: the route of the Marcilhac caselles. Easy to walk, this superb loop trail is ideal for beginners, with a 2-hour walk over 6.7 km. Along the way, you'll have the chance to explore the breathtaking Caselles de Marcilhac nature reserve.

Want to spice things up a bit? Take on the Dolmens de Saint-Chels loop trail! With almost 3 hours' walking over 9.5 km, it's the perfect opportunity to perfect your techniques. Take the opportunity to recharge your batteries in Saint-Chels, a magnificent village on the Causse.

Are you planning to introduce your children to walking? Choose an ultra-easy trail like the Marais de Bonnefont. This loop trail is 2 km long and takes 1? hours to complete, making it perfect for budding hikers. Don't forget to take them to discover the wonders of the superb regional nature reserve.
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Discover remarkable sites on walks

The Lot is bursting with treasures. Hiking in this sublime département is an immersive experience in its rich heritage. The proof? You'll come across plenty of remarkable sites along the way, starting with the picturesque villages. Don't miss Cénevières and its famous castle, and Calvignac, a small village perched on a cliff. Larnagol is also well worth a visit, just to see it nestling in an indentation in the cliff. In the middle of it all, the river Lot. This magnificent body of water cuts a spectacular path through these villages!

Are you more into caving? An incredible underground life awaits you in the Lot's most beautiful caves (Padirac, Cougnac, Lacave, Pech Merle...). In short, this is the perfect destination for hikers in search of breathtaking scenery.
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Practical advice for hikers

Ready to explore the trails of the Lot? You'll need a few items of equipment, including hiking boots and clothing, food and drink... You'll also need to take certain precautions to ensure your safety. But it all depends on the weather. If, for example, you're heading to the Lot during a rainy week, you'll need a mackintosh and suitable boots to keep you dry.

Recharging your batteries in the middle of nature is all very well, but doing it in an environmentally-friendly way is even better. So don't just dump your rubbish anywhere. Save it until you see a rubbish bin.

Another very important tip: choose accommodation near the Lot. Camping Les Hirondelles in the Lot is ideal for this. Which makes it the ideal place to stay if you want to hit the department's signposted footpaths early in the morning. For more information on these, visit https://www.tourisme-lot.com/balades-et-randonnees/balades-a-pied.

So, what are you waiting for to discover the amazing walks in the Lot? You'll find a wide range of itineraries on offer, with beautiful scenery along the way. Plan your next adventure stopover in this superb département now!