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The castles of the Lot

The history of France is linked to that of its castles. You are surely thinking of those of the Loire and Périgord, right? Please note that the Lot also contains its share of castles. This promises a great, informative and history-rich vacation with the whole family. To stay nearby, you can book at the Les Hirondelles campsite. It is an excellent, comfortable establishment where you can eat well, relax and unwind.
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Castles of the Lot rich in history

There are several types of castles in the Lot. There are those that have been perfectly preserved to become tourist attractions. This is the case of the Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux. Located at the end of a rocky plateau, it was a fortified residence built in the 11th century. Several great families succeeded one another, such as that of Clermont-Lodève in 1530. It is a magnificent example of military architecture from the Middle Ages. Entrance is 8 euros for adults and 6.50 euros per person for groups.

Saignes Castle was built on the initiative of François I's ambassador, Pierre IV of the Guard of Saignes, in the 16th century. It houses an emblematic medieval main tower, as well as a Renaissance dwelling. And that’s without counting its magnificent gardens. Nestled on the cliffs and in the heart of the Lot valley, the Cénevières castle, for its part, was built in 1585. It is an architectural gem located in the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park.
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Castles that have become Restaurants in the Lot

Unlike the first castles of the Lot, those that we are going to present to you have been transformed into restaurants, but they have lost none of their splendor and their historical richness. Quite the contrary: by giving themselves a second life, they have been highlighted, becoming an unmissable tourist attraction in the Lot.

There is the castle of Mercuès - Le Duèze which dates from the 13th century. The building is located at the gates of Cahors. There is the magnificent Relais et Châteaux hotel (4 stars). There is a beautiful atmosphere, both in the hotel and in the restaurant. The same goes for the Château de la Treyne: the atmosphere is just as warm. Every corner breathes the good scent of the region's history. The palace, in fact, dates from the 14th century.
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Wine castles

How to combine indulgence and discoveries during your Lot camping holiday? The Lot contains wine châteaux where you will discover not only superb landscapes, but also the exquisite flavors of the region's good wine. We have selected three sites for you to absolutely visit. Everyone offers their own wine. First of all, there is the Château de Gautoul. Its lands have been cultivated since the 17th century. It is a vast estate located just in front of the medieval village of Puy L'Évêque.

Then you can go to the Lacapelle-Cabanac area. The Château du Lot offers you an ink-black wine with an exquisite flavor. It is produced according to an ancestral tradition dating back several centuries. In addition, organic farming is practiced there. Finally, we invite you to visit the Château de Cayx which, for its part, dates from the 15th century. Each year, it produces nearly 140,000 bottles of white, red and rosé wine. Beautiful, unforgettable tastings are therefore on the program.