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Truffles, duck and great wines: A GOURMET STAY NEAR ROCAMADOUR

Terroir truffes lot

A delicious region TO TASTE WITHOUT DELAY

If we said, “black truffles, saffron, strawberries, porcini mushrooms, free-range Quercy lamb, goose or duck foie gras, and Périgord walnuts”, would your mouth start to water? Then we have good news for you: you can treat yourself to each of these delicate items when you visit our region with its bountiful nature. Make sure you don’t leave before tasting one of our sweet, infinitely refreshing Quercy melons or our Rocamadour AOP goat cheeses, which were already being served to lords back in the 15th century!  These healthy local products will make your taste buds melt with delight.

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Our land is sure to satisfy the palate of any lover of fine wine. Thanks to optimal sunshine, our perfectly ripened grapes endow our wines with their unique flavours. Let yourself be tempted by a Cahors wine, with its characteristic near-black colour, by a red or rosé Amadour, or by our famous straw wine or a vintage from Lot or Bergerac. Want to learn more? Visit our vineyards: those with the “Vignobles & Découvertes” label will welcome you under the best possible conditions and share their passionate explanations of the keys to their winemaking process.